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Welcome to The Chase Nursery

The Chase Nursery is dedicated in providing quality care and provision for you child's early years. We ensure that every team member contributes something of value to the nursery and they have specific areas that they specialise in.

The nursery operates on a first come, first served basis. We are registered with Ofsted and government funding is available for 3-4 year olds and some funding is available for 2 year olds. Please be aware that with the change in the school admissions we can only guarantee places being available in the September term.

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1st of June Return stratergy

21st May 2020

 Dear Parents

As I am sure you are aware, the Government has announced plans for a phased return to nursery for all children from 1st June.  Although this phased return is yet to be confirmed, we hope to welcome most children back to nursery on this date.

As a nursery we continue to follow Government guidance, but it is important for me to be honest and tell you that there is no such thing as social distancing in Nursery / preschool set up.  We can make things safer, we can reduce the risk, but the risk of infection will always be there, as it is for all childhood illnesses.

To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we will use a range of measures to reduce the overall risk of infection to children, staff and families. 

We will:

Introduce staggered start and finish times for different groups.

Make sure that children do not attend nursery if they or a member of their household has symptoms of Coronavirus.

Promote regular hand washing for 20 seconds with running water and soap.

Discourage children and staff from touching their faces. 

 Promote the catch it, bin it, kill it approach, ensuring children and staff use a tissue (or elbow) to cough or sneeze and use bins for tissue waste.

Ensure children visit the toilet one at a time. 

Ensure regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, handrails, tables and play equipment.

Reduce the maximum class size to 5 -8  (Pod)

Ensure that all children get to be children! To smile, laugh and have as much fun as possible.

As yet there are no recommendations for children or staff to wear mouth coverings, but they will be available for staff if this changes.

Whilst we hope to see the return of children to The Chase Nurseries, it is important to note that should we have an issue with staff being absent for any reason, it may be necessary to revert to temporary closure of the setting.

The Government guidance makes it clear that it is not compulsory for parents to send their children to nursery at this time, but I hope the measures put in place give you every confidence to do so. Please note, We do have priority groups that will come first on our registers and these groups are as follows, Children of Keyworkers, Vulnerable groups, 3-4 year transitional leavers. We are not allowing any children who are living with a household member that has been sent a medical shielding letter.

If you have confirmed that you would like your child to attend the nursery on the 1st of June, you will receive a terms and conditions form via email. We would like you to read this agreement and sign to say that you adhere to our rules during this period. There will also be details of your child’s group and size, along with your attendance time and collection. Please bring this form back to us on the first day of attendance.

When you arrive at the nursery you will see signage, such as social distancing and 2-meter spaces. Please be respectful of our terms and be compliant with the staff.

As always please do not hesitate to contact us at any stage if you require further information.

Kindest Regards,

Kerry Boughey.

For further information on The Chase Nurseries please call 01255 812438 or email:


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