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Welcome to The Chase Nursery

The Chase Nursery is dedicated in providing quality care and provision for you child's early years. We ensure that every team member contributes something of value to the nursery and they have specific areas that they specialise in.

The nursery operates on a first come, first served basis. We are registered with Ofsted and government funding is available for 3-4 year olds and some funding is available for 2 year olds. Please be aware that with the change in the school admissions we can only guarantee places being available in the September term.

FEEE Information please go to

For more information on any of our nurseries please click the Contact us button below.

Parent & Toddler group with JO JINGLES! stay & play too!

The Chase Nursery! Parent & Toddler Groups With Jo Jingles!

Clacton site - Thursday 1.30 - 3pm  (Start date 3rd October)   21, Cambridge road Clacton CO153QL

Kirby site - Monday 1.30-3pm (Start date 4th Nov)   Halstead Road Kirby CO13 OLW

Only £3 per child - All welcome 

NEW!! The Chase Nursery share a book campaign!

Wanted - pre loved books!!!! & soft teddies. SEPTEMBER 19 

Please drop off your unwanted books to ANY of our sites! this will enable us to set up a free book library for our lovely chase families to enjoy.
Drop off locations
The Chase Holland - 15 The Chase - H-O-S (01255 812438)
The Chase Kirby - Halstead road, Kirby (01255 674050)
The Chase Holland Park - Holland road Clacton (01255 425899)
The Chase Clacton - 21, Cambridge Road Clacton (01255 438141)

Importance of Reading With Kids: 10 Great Benefits
The importance of reading cannot be emphasised enough in young children, and we as parents need to make every day reading a high priority.
Many studies show that toddlers and pre-schoolers who are read to every day have a larger vocabulary than those who aren’t read to at all. It turns out that reading there are many advantages and benefits of reading.
Not only does reading enhance a child’s vocabulary, and to help them understand how to read and write, but reading aloud to children also helps them to understand different topics about the world and every day life.

Essex Safeguarding childrens board.

Here at The Chase Nursery we want to educate as many Parents/careers about safeguarding your children. We will be publishing a new document once a fortnight from Essex Safeguarding children's board for you to read and digest. To go directly to the website please click here

Children of Alcoholic Dependent Parents Engagement (CAPE)

Working together to support children affected by parental alcohol misuse

Lots of adults drink alcohol, but in some families the adult’s drinking can make things difficult at home and can cause problems and worries for their children.

With funding from the Department of Health and Social Care, CAPE is a Children’s Society project upskilling workers in contact with Children of Alcohol Dependent Parents (CADeP). 

CAPE is a mix of digital resources, awareness raising sessions and more formalised training events. 

Work shop places available for support 

Tuesday 5th November 9.30-12.30pm & 1.30-4.30pm 

Email -



Our topic this month is RECYCLING! We are going all out on this topic! Parents/Carers if you have any information on this topic you would like to share with the children please let us know!

we will be getting the children to sort through waste looking at different materials that they are made of. Why we recycle ? 

Where our waste goes? 

Charity shops?  

Pre loved items? & much much more :) 



SEPTEMBER - Our topic this month is Animals! As we are settling in our new children and learning all about them and their families we are exploring domestic pets! We are looking for Friends/families that might be able to come in and share their knowledge? 

Are you a vet?  Do you work in a pet shop? do you own a friendly pet?  do you work in a zoo? 

If you can add to our topic this month please let you branch Manager know! 

thank you in advance :)

Skyla to visit 10th September 19 (PET WEEK)

Topic September 19  Animals 

September can be an over whelming month for the children settling into the nursery, But this term was an extremely enjoyable month for the children and staff. As the topic of Animals and pets was a much welcomed enjoyable topic. With lots of pets being brought in of all shapes & sizes!! This enabled the children to share information about themselves and their furry families. 

For further information on The Chase Nurseries please call 01255 812438 or email:


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